19 Apps To Help Manage Your Money

As we continue to live our lives on the go, it's important that we can find tools to help us manage our money on the go as well. Money Magazine recently came out with a list of the best apps to manage your money. Here is a consolidated summary. I've included links to each site (by clicking their name on the title) to easily get additional information:


This free app helps you to manage your bills. It helps to alert you when bills are almost due and even helps remind you when frequent flyer miles or other reward points are about to expire. 


Ever found it difficult to compare credit cards to try and get the rewards that work best for you? If you have multiple credit cards and want to know which one will maximize your rewards for a particular purchase (i.e. one card giving 3% back at a gas station, vs. another that may only pay 1%), Wallaby will help by giving you up to date information on your credit cards' rewards to help you choose the one that is best for you. Simply give a purchase location and it will let you know which credit card will maximize your rewards for that particular purchase.

Mint and HelloWallet:

Both of these sites will help you with budgeting and getting your financial data in one location. Mint is free to use and even helps remind you when bills are due and gives you alerts when you've gone over your budget. HelloWallet offers a free 30 day trial, but then costs $8.95/month. It does give you analysis of your accounts and provides advice on saving more and avoiding bank fees. For more comparison, check this out.


Have you ever had sneaky charges on your credit card and not known about it? For free, BillGuard will help protect up to three of your credit cards from "gray charges" - deceptive charges such as hidden fees, unwanted automatic renewals, and over charges. This app is only on the Apple Passbook, but will save you time from pouring over your monthly credit card statements and they will even help dispute charges.


For those energy fanatics, this is a great app for you. This free app will analyze the energy usage of your home and let you know how it compares to other homes similar to yours. In addition, it will help give recommendations on how to reduce your energy usage.

Skype and Viber:

Looking to save money on your phone bill? Both of these companies can help to reduce or eliminate costs you have in relation to your home phone. To get more information on the specifics between the two, check this out.


Do you hate paying full price for you favorite items? By adding Hukkster to your bookmark bar, if you see an item online you would like to buy, you click on this bookmark and it will sent you an alert when it goes on sale. No need to continue to monitor the prices - it will do it for you! You'll never miss a sale again! This also is a free app.


If you use Google Chrome, this is a great browser add-on for you. After installing it, on over 100 of your favorite shopping sites (yes, even Amazon), you will see a "find savings" button at checkout. By clicking it, it will automatically scan for discounts or coupon codes and apply them to your order. You will no longer need to search for coupon codes only to find ones that are out of date and no longer work.

RedLaser and InvisibleHand:

Both of these free apps will help you to compare prices on your favorite items by scanning the bar codes of these items. While in the store, you can flip over the box, scan the barcode, and it will let you know of prices other stores are charging for the same item. To see a quick comparison for additional information, check this out. I personally have found RedLaser to be helpful with buying larger ticket items to make sure I'm getting the best price I possibly can considering there is more likely to be a larger price discrepancy on these higher-priced items. 


We all want smaller bills, right? By going to the website and telling them a little bit about your preferences, they will recommend the best matches for you. You can use this for things such as credit cards, tv service, wireless service, savings accounts, and even look for the cheapest gas. 

Bank Apps:

If you're not using an app that your current bank is providing, you may be missing out on some additional services and conveniences you may not be aware of. You may be able to pay bills, make deposits, and much more, all while on the go with your phone in hand. Check out your banks' app and see what they have to offer.


Much like you'd expect from the name, this will give you a chance to help make a decision when making a purchase. You'll be able to see user and expert reviews, retailers that sell the item, and if you pay $30/yr for the premium version, you can even see a price predictor for the item. 


Anybody feel like they've had a poor experience with a car repair shop? This app will give you expected prices to pay for repairs, help you find reliable local shops, and also track your car's repair history and list your maintenance tasks. 

Square Wallet:

Don't want to have to carry cash and credit cards? By linking to your bank account, you can now pay on your phone to more than 250,000 retailers. In addition, you can also use the app to send someone a gift!


I'm sure many of you know of PayPal. However, by downloading the free app, you are now able to pay people on the go. In addition, stores are now adding the ability to pay via PayPal at the register (Home Depot and JC Penny are a couple of the biggies).

Google Wallet:

If you have an Android phone, this is another app that gives you convenience of purchasing at the register. Available at over 200,000 locations, you simply have to tap your phone on a device at the register and it will make the payment.